Nove 44mm Carbon Wheels


Nove's specialty carbon wheels are market leading in every way. Using our patented 255 high TG resin, advanced carbon layup and proven DT Swiss 240s hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, we are able to create one of the highest quality wheel-sets available. 

Our high tech construction means that our wheels experience less than 0.5% braking failure under rigorous testing far exceeding accepted industry standards. The 255 high TG resin is heat resistant to the high braking temperatures which can be around 180 degrees celsius or more and plays an important role when descending at speed with confidence. 

Using our advanced carbon layup, we have made a wheel that is capable of holding 180psi* with no warping or cracking. This structure also makes it very easy for the user to mount either tube or tubeless tires.


*we recommend adhering to the manufacturer standards for tire psi. This can be often be found written on the tire wall.